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Participant Information and Consent Forms

This suite of standardised Participant Information and Consent Forms (PICFs) has been developed by a specialist sub-group and initially approved by the National PICF Project on the 4 May 2016. including representatives from the Australian research community, to serve as a starting point for researchers. The forms will be reviewed annually and updated as needed. The most recent version was released in July 2018. All of these documents were designed to provide guidance and assist researchers, institutions and HRECs in the conduct of multi-centre ethical review.

The forms are designed for three categories of participants
as identified by the National Statement:

• Individual participant;
• Parent and Guardian;

The following category will be added in the future:
• Participants unable to provide consent.

Within each category of participant, different research type templates are available:

• Interventional Studies ;

The following four research type templates will be added in the future:

• Biospecimen Studies;
• Clinical and Medical Research;
• Registries Studies; and
• Behavioural and Social Science Studies

Please note that the forms are directed toward those who provide consent to participate in research. Researchers are reminded to view these documents as a minimum starting point for consent forms. As always, jurisdiction-specific and study-specific information should be added as necessary. Likewise, portions that are not applicable to the research project being put forth may be removed as needed. consent form example

The participant information and consent form has three parts:

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Please contact us if you would like some printed Part A - General information booklets supplied free of charge:



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