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Participant Information and Consent Form User Guide

Provides information about a clinical trial to prospective participants and a mechanism for obtaining their written consent to participate. The information should include details such as the trial’s purpose, duration, required procedures, risks and potential benefits.

The National PICF User Guide helps you develop your PICF.

This user guide contains instructions for Part B and Part C of the National PICF Template

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The statutory and regulatory Compliance Flow Chart explains what each part of the National PICF does, to meet national and international guidelines.

The clinical trials toolkit contains useful information and resources for conducting a clinical trial in Australia.
Clinical Trials Toolkit

NHMRC eLearning Modules

eLearning modules use interactive learning to provide information about clinical trials.
Overview of the nature and importance of the clinical trials environment
These modules by NHMRC provide an introduction to the clinical trials environment, clinical research ethics and ethical review and research governance processes.

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Consumer roles in clinical trials
These modules by Cancer Australia provide information for consumers in clinical trial.

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The Cancer Australia modules are provided for your convenience. NHMRC and the
Department of Industry and Science are not responsible for the accuracy or currency
of the information.

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